Scelsi Festival 2016

“Le Temps” – Festival Giacinto Scelsi 2016

13:00–15:00 “Dhrupad Sound Yoga”
Workshop with Amit Sharma: Improvisation and aural training in the microtonal realm

18:00–19:30 • Concert I: “Seule note ta presence – étoile de joie”

Festival opening and lecture by Prof. Friedrich Jaecker: “Der Komponist im Dunkeln. Fremdmaterial im Werk Giacinto Scelsis” (“The composer is in the dark. Borrowed materials in the work of Giacinto Scelsi”) (in german)

Musical programme:

Franco Evangelisti (1926–1980): Proporzioni sonore

Giacinto Scelsi (1905–1988): Maknongan (EA), Rotativa


20:00–22:00 • Concert II: «Le regard au centre»


Amit Sharma (*1977): Evening Melody

J. S. Bach (1685–1750): Chaconne

Morton Feldman (1926–1987): For Aaron Copland

Giacinto Scelsi Xnoybis, Coelocanth (EA), works for solo soprano (UA/EA)

Isang Yun (1917–1995): Glissées

James Dillon (*1950): EOS

Press Release and Review

«Le Temps» – Festival Giacinto Scelsi 2016
Giacinto Scelsi (1905–1988) was a pioneer of contemporary music, and yet it is difficult to place his works in context of the common strands of modernism. A large proportion of his celestial, microtonal works emerged out of some sort of intuitive improvisation, which he played on the piano or the ondolione – an early electronic instrument, and then had transcribed into conventional notation.
The third instalment of the festival organised by composer and pianist Marianne Schroeder is entitled “Scelsi, the mystic – poetry and music.” It will focus on the adaptations of his compositions, which will in turn be complemented by works of composers that were close to him, such as  Franco Evangelisti, Morton Feldman, Benno Ammann, Roi-Erik Nystrom or Dieter Schnebel. The latter two will be present at the festival as performers.

Participants: Robert Koller (bass), Anja Brezavšček (flutes), Molly McDolan (oboe), Christian Dierstein (Slz) & Klasse Dierstein, Aleksander Gabrys (double bass), Dagobert Koitka (clarinet, bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet), Rolf-Erik Nystrom (saxophone), Maki Ota (soprano), Frederic Robinson (elektr), Dominik Stark (violin), Egidius Streiff (violin), Barbara Maurer (viola), Rohan de Saram (violoncello), Suren de Saram (guitar, percussion), Arturo Tallini (guitar), Dieter Schnebel (speaker), Ariane Jessulat (piano), Marianne Schroeder (piano), Saori Tomidokoro (piano), Samuele Sciancalepore (double bass), Camille Emaille (percussion), Amit Sharma (Dhrupad voice), Anmari Mëtsa Yabi Wili (piano)